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Integrity innovation Thanksgiving harmony

"Integrity", that is honest, trustworthy. Keep the contract and reputation; integrity is the source of people create a situation in the market.

"Innovation", Haiyuan people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the foundation; people believe in the product only source of innovation and continuous improvement is the survival of the business, can never in the fierce competition in the market tide in the fall.

"Thanksgiving", between the enterprise and the customer is the enterprise of gratitude, thank the customer benefits for the enterprise, quality products and services for enterprise customers for the market to provide; between business and society Thanksgiving, namely the enterprise provides a good market environment for the society, social enterprises to create social value for enterprises between higher and lower levels; Thanksgiving, which I really appreciated your create valuable products for the enterprise, thanks to lower provided quality superior work environment; Thanksgiving is a virtue of the Chinese nation, Haiyuan people are to inherit and carry forward the virtue, to enterprises in Dexing. Each source of people will be with a grateful heart to treat each person, with a grateful heart to serve the society, return society, create more value for society.

Harmony, harmony, unity, tolerance and cooperation. "The day as location, terrain and better." The source to a kind of harmony, unity, solidarity and tolerance of the heart, to gather in the industry all interested in and serve the industry professionals together to create a situation.

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