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Building China's sewage treatment concept factory for the future


Reporters recently learned that 6 experts in the field of environmental experts initiated the establishment of China sewage treatment concept factory expert committee. Envisaged with 5 years or so, the construction of a (batch) for 2030~2040 years, with a certain scale of urban sewage treatment plant.

The 6 experts: researcher at the Research Center for Eco Environmental Sciences, China Academy of Engineering China Academy of Sciences Professor Qu Jiuhui, vice president of Tsinghua University, College of Environmental Sciences Professor Wang Kaijun, vice president of Renmin University of China, Wang Hongchen School of environment, Tsinghua University professor Yu Gang, Professor Yu Hanqing Deputy director of Chinese twenty-first Century agenda management center Ke Bing, College of chemistry University of Science & Technology China.

We invited them to explain their joint author system, China sewage treatment enterprise combing and thinking, on the concept of "factory" to put forward ideas and prospects the future development of sewage treatment based on the. In the next, we will pay close attention to their related work.

We believe that this will be a journey to stimulate wisdom and create value, and will also be full of controversy and doubt. I hope the industry weekly as a platform to attract all parties involved in this discussion on the development direction of China's sewage treatment, jointly promote the sewage treatment business a new round of technology and management innovation and development.

Experts believe that -

In the high energy consumption cost cuts and pollutant emission reduction, the formation of "emission of pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions growth" embarrassing situation, in recent years, the developed countries and improve the efficiency of sewage treatment plant transformation process has become out of sync with the mentioned standard transformation must, and "efficiency transformation" in our country industry is still a "new words"

China's urban sewage treatment industry will usher in a new period of sustainable development as the core, for a long period of time, China will still be the world's largest sewage treatment market

Demonstration project of key projects, China the concept of the sewage treatment plant can not be simply confined to the common sense, should be regarded as the Chinese sewage treatment business in the current opportunities and challenges under a system of the future exploration

As an important infrastructure of modern cities, sewage treatment plants should not only be considered by technical experts and engineers. We should organize government officials, public, engineers, architects, planners to discuss, visit, simulate, explore and build an overall consensus paradigm for future urban sewage treatment plants

City sewage treatment plant will change the energy factories, to the city from the realization of the basic functions of water pollutant reduction plant, fertilizer plant, and then for the development of community and the full range of fusion and mutualism of city infrastructure

After 30 years, especially in the past more than 10 years of rapid development, China's urban sewage treatment has made great achievements. Looking back on the past, brilliant no doubt, but along the way, Chinese sewage treatment business there are hidden dangers and regret. From the top-level design to the absence of the concept of sustainable development in practice, resulting in the industry's short-sighted, extensive, confusion, or even inferior, compared with the economic and social sustainable development of the sewage treatment needs, there has been a variety of fitness, the future is still grim challenge.

From the view of the world, on the eve of the sewage treatment is undergoing major changes, the city sewage treatment plant will be cut by pure pollutants into resources, energy plants, related policies, standards, technology and practice are extensive and profound changes. These, it is China's future development of sewage treatment must pay attention to the new direction.

Equivalent accumulation slowing for qualitative change efforts begin. China's sewage treatment industry urgently needs to be based on national conditions and their own needs on the basis of a future oriented system exploration, in order to find the direction of re starting. To this end, we propose to build a future oriented China sewage treatment concept factory proposition, hoping to accommodate all parties wisdom and consensus, innovation and innovation, leading China's sewage treatment business upgrade.

Development trend

Sewage treatment function changes significantly

Pollutant reduction function is further strengthened, low-carbon treatment and energy development, resource recovery caused attention. In the new functional requirements of sewage treatment plants, the relevant sewage treatment technology will also face new changes

Recalling the development of the past century, sewage treatment to improve the living environment, promote human civilization and progress made tremendous contributions. This year ushered in the "activated sludge centenary", long-term, to effectively curb the emissions of water pollutants, sewage treatment system is still the "mainstay"; in 60s the last century, the United States put forward the advanced thinking of the "twenty-first Century water" concept, the sewage treatment standard upgrade to the standard of drinking water, have a profound impact on the development of the industry. Along the way, at the beginning of this century, Singapore has developed "NEWater" process, through the traditional biological treatment with double membrane method, to achieve the sewage into drinking water depth reuse, to promote domestic water industry leap forward development, make it become the world of the "new concept", the connotation of sewage treatment plant has been further extended.

In today's world, with the environmental pollution, climate change, energy crisis and resource depletion and other major issues increasingly prominent in recent years, the international sewage treatment industry there are 3 obvious trends:

Pollutant reduction function is further strengthened. On the one hand, with the development of economy and society, the pollution intensity is increasing, and the pollutant species are becoming more and more complex. On the other hand, with the enhancement of public environmental awareness, the water environmental quality requirements are continuously improved. To this end, some developed countries sewage treatment plant is by biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal (BNR) to strengthen the nitrogen and phosphorus removal (ENR) direction, and some even reached the technical limit (LOT) water