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Ministry of environmental protection set up special funds to support air pollution control plan


Recently, with the implementation of the action plan for air pollution prevention and control, Ministry of environmental protection is brewing in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and its supporting technology action plan, the plan will be through special funds to support scientific and technological projects related to the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution.

Desulfurization and denitrification technology related to atmospheric pollution prevention and upgrading, motor vehicle exhaust, fine particulate matter treatment, pollution source analysis and air pollution forecasting and early warning and other related technologies, are supported by the science and technology action plan. Among them, with VOC (volatile organic matter) related air pollution prevention technology, as well as fine particulate matter processing technology, will become one of the focus of action plan support. Currently the Ministry of environmental protection has been established by a number of departments and units involved in the expert group, the future of enterprises, research institutes and universities can apply for the special funds related to the action plan.

The industry believes that the action plan introduced, will become the blue sky science and technology project in 12th Five-Year special plan, and a special science and technology to support air pollution control special policies. In October 2012, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of environmental protection jointly announced "sky Technology Engineering" 12th Five-Year "special plan", the plan put forward to multi-channel, multi-level social capital raising, increase investment in the implementation of key special blue sky technology engineering, the active use of financial and capital markets, will venture into the field of energy saving and environmental protection, to carry out specialized enterprises the loan risk compensation, technology R & D subsidies, equity pledge loan of high technology enterprise pilot work etc.. And provide technical proposal and demonstration practice for air pollution control of 10 key regions and large and medium-sized cities.